Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon is a YA magical realism novel that has been compared to Coraline and A Monster Calls meets Thirteen Reasons Why. 

In near-future America, the word ‘suicide’ no longer exists. Instead, anyone struggling with their life can find their happy ending by permanently crossing through one of many doors in the Rubicon, a mysterious building in the city’s center. Fourteen-year-old Rhody Jones has never thought twice about the Rubicon until his older brother Kyle’s name appears in a list of people who’ve crossed on the morning news after Kyle’s girlfriend dumps him.

Refusing to believe he’s gone, Rhody embarks on a quest to bring Kyle back. But no one has ever returned from the Rubicon once they’ve passed the point of no return. Rhody gains more questions than answers when he enters the Rubicon, facing an impossibly long hallway with countless doors—and no way to know which one Kyle used.

Rhody is determined to discover what really happens when one crosses. Monsters and guards are set on stopping Rhody from obtaining the truth, leading to an unexpected partnership with a girl named Ninah Martinez. Rhody prefers to remain friendless after being bullied in the past. He doesn’t want Ninah’s help, but she refuses to leave, set on finding her mom. Together they learn that the Rubicon has rules on how to navigate the hallway, and they must play its game. If Rhody and Ninah fail, they'll lose their loved ones forever—and they might even lose themselves if they go too far.



a YA Fantasy Novel

And more!

MG Non-Western Fantasy: Currently drafting!

MG Magical Realism

MG Fantasy Series (Dual P.O.V.)

YA Dark Fantasy Duology (Dual P.O.V.)

YA Contemporary Romance

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